4 outstanding books

 Here are 4 outstanding books, anybody should read once in life.


These 4 books involve broadly stability to make the right finding in life.

I am here to share such 4 delightful publications which will transform your life, philosophy and make you feel constructive.

These are books that will help you to live a healthy life, mentally strong, be optimistic and change your life.

Currently, you people are eager to read these four books-” life-changing books.”




1] “Fitness Mantra- for teenagers


 This is our first book which makes you live a healthy life and especially it is made for our teenagers, from age group 13 to 19.

This fitness mantra book for teenagers is written by Dr Namita Jain and translated by Dr Arun Mande.

You know, this book is fabulous to read. At the time, teenagers are grown up and we have many unsolved questions in our mind related to our growth, our body, our appearance and many more.

To solve these questions completely, we should read this book, which helps to enhance your personality and make yourself confident and attractive.

This book writes in a very familiar language, which can easily be understood by us.

This book makes you do exercise and meditation. Make you follow the proper diet plan. It also solves the question in the mind of girls or boys by taking real-life examples of them.

Fitness Mantra also takes the example of one of the leading actress and successful sports player Deepika Padukone. Yes, she is an inspiration for many of us.  and also this book includes the example of Saina Nehwal who is one of the successful badminton players. With this kind of variety and excitement, will get a healthy life and a healthy body. This book has his Mantra like

Go for it, get Fit and Fab




2] Mrityunjay– Shivaji Sawant


Mrityunjay is a book that can never disregard by anyone else after reading it one time. Thereon, reading this book still impacts you for many days. We just think about it anytime it is a story of the death conquer- Karna. It is a story of Karna’s life.

This story is very deep. wherein the painful life of Karna with the people who used him for their benefit is shown in it. but Karna fought for them to complete his promise.

He takes the untouchable and distinctive place in epic Mahabharat. He teaches us that, “any trouble comes in our life, just stand against it and give it fight, never give up.”

Karan himself didn’t get any reason for Living, his whole life and when he got to know that, the time has passed. so you learn from it that know your value, doesn’t make other use you and give a strong fight your difficulty”




3] Idli Orchid and me – Vitthal Kamat


This book is a live illustration of Vitthal Kamat-” the owner of India’s first five-star ecotel hotel .” he is a man who makes impossible things possible.

he is an example of a successful person in a business. As we know he is a Marathi man, many times it is mumbled that Marathi people don’t have any knowledge of business, but this man proved it disloyal. He didn’t stop on this, he often needed

To do something different and because of that, he invented the plates self-containing bowls, by which water will not waste to wash singly. The theme in hotels is so unique. 

That one plate was so popular for its design. He made it for people who did not finish all the food in the dish. This plate was having an amazing design.

He always said one thing,

“Does The Things Which Are In Your Heart Not In Your Mind.”






4] Ti phulrani – Pu. La. Deshpande


 This book is write in a dramatic way which can be played in the theatres. As we should know the book  translate from an English play ‘pygmalion’ by Pu. la. Deshpande.

This story is based upon the flower girl.

And the transformation of her from flower girl to beautiful woman. Who changed her life completely was professor Ashok. And among many people, this ordinary girl changed herself into one delightful woman.

It gives us a moral that

“Change Is How Much Important In Our Life.”

And we should not be scared of accepting modifications; it is a part of being wonderful.

These books I like so vastly. Do read this and share your experience in the comment.😉





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