Duplicated: 5 Best homemade summer drinks – [#1328]

Duplicated: 5 Best homemade summer drinks – [#1328]

5 Best homemade summer drinks

Hey every one, welcome to our blog. I hope you are doing well. I am your friend Arun Singh back with another amazing and informative blog 5 Best homemade summer drinks. In today’s blog we are going to try some amazing and refreshing summer drinks that are not only easy to make but also very tasty. They are 100% natural without any added flavors and harmful preservatives. I have ranked them from 1 to 5 but so that you can understand easily. So, let’s find out the best summer drinks to try this season.

1. Gondh Shikanji:


How to make Gondh Shikanji-

Take 200 ml of water. Use 2 teaspoon of mishri powder to sweeten the the water and add squeeze 1 lemon in it after that add 2 teaspoon of Gondh Kateera in it. If you want you can also add a pinch of black salt for taste. Mix them well and your Gondh shikanji is ready to drink.


This drink will protect you from heat strokes in the summer season and Gondh is known to reduce every kind of weakness in the body. Its a 100% natural energy drink.

2. Cucumber Juice:


How to make Cucumber Juice-

Chop 1 cucumber in a mixer, add water to it, a pinch of black salt, a pinch of black pepper and blend. Guess what your Cucumber Juice is read.


It has numerous benefits like it helps one to loose extra fat on the body. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, fiber and vitamins. This drink gives a cooling effect to the body. You should try this drink in summer.

3. Bael Sharbat:

bael sharbat

How to make Bael Sharbat-

Take a Bael fruit take the break open it and scrape out the pulp with a help of spoon or a knife. Add a glass of water to the pulp, mix them properly. Now strain out the extra pulp and seeds also you can add more water tp it according to your need. Sweeten it with jaggery powder and mix well, your Bael Sharbat is ready.


It not only cools down the body but it also purifies your blood. It has its unique taste that you will definitely like. Try this summer you will thank me after drinking it.

4. Kachi Lassi:



This is a authentic drink from Punjab and used in almost every household of Punjab and Haryana.

How to make Kachi lassi-

Take about 50 ml of milk, add 1 table spoon of jaggery powder in it and fill the rest of the glass with water. As simple as that.


It cools down the body in summers and it is super delicious. Truly it worth a try.

5. Jaljeera:


It is hard to imagine a summer without Jaljeera because of its unique taste. It is the one of my favorite summer drink.

How to make Jaljeera-

In a blender take some mint leaves, pinch of black salt, pinch of rock salt and add little water. After adding all the ingredients blend it. After that take 2 glass of water with 2 spoons of jaggery powder in it, sprinkle on lemon juice in it mix them well. Now add the Jaljeera mixture made previously in it stir them well and your Jaljeera is ready.

So, these are some of my favorites summer drinks that are not only easy to make but also super delicious and very accessible to everyone. Which one of these drinks will you try this summer, let me know in the comment section.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. Have a amazing and super productive day.





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