Bhutan vaccination success story: What we can learn?

Bhutan vaccination success story: What we can learn?

Bhutan vaccination success story: What we can learn?

In this blog, we will take a look at the Bhutan vaccination program. As we all know COVID vaccination is on a roll all over the world. Every country wants to vaccinate its population as much as possible, In between this vaccination a tiny country, Bhutan has vaccinated 61 % population. Bhutan has beaten Israel in the competition.

The country started its vaccination program in January after consulting with the Buddhist monks of the country. The first candidate of Bhutan’s vaccination program was also selected by the monks. She was a 30-year-old woman namely, Ninda Dema. After that PM of Bhutan, Mr. Lotay Tshering was vaccinated.


Despite a population of 7.63 lakhs, it was a very challenging task for the country. Because before the COVID pandemic Bhutan was having an acute shortage of doctors in the country. According to WHO, a country must have a doctor-patient ratio of 1:1000 but Bhutan had only 337 doctors for the population of over 7 lakh this means that they need roughly 400 doctors.

Another challenge to Bhutan’s vaccination challenge was the tough terrain of the country. Because we know it is a hilly country and it was a tough task to transport the vaccine to the remote areas. But it had overcome all these challenges with great spirits and teamwork. There is much to learn from this landlocked nation surrounded by India and china.

There was a key role of volunteers in this vaccination drive. We hope that all countries will learn some lessons from the tiny nation.

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