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Hey friends, here we are going to talk about the confidence.

So, friends, when we spell that word CONFIDENCE so firstly, we assume superior power in that word. It is simple yet powerful word. To feel confidant there are many conditions and situation that have to pass. From going from those hard situations, we can gain it.

As we are talking about confidence, so it’s not the thing that build up in you automatically. It needs the time to modify. Confidence can be name as a courage, that we can feel confidant.

I want to clear that real meaning Infront of you by giving several examples.

Firstly, I would like to give you example of Lily. Lily was a small girl in standard 5th. Initially when she was coming in school, she used to be afraid the girls and the boys in class.

Because of that, her classmate always teases her, making fun of her.

One day when lily passed by the street her classmate plan to pure water over their and because of that wet floor, lily slept over there.

All they again made her fun and tease her like MISS SLIPERY. she always felt so bad about about it and left that place with purring eyes.

Her math’s teacher is known of those situations, and called her in her staff room. But lily have no idea about it. She might think that, something mess must be occurred and that’s why mam called me.

But after she enter in staff room, teacher mildly called her name ‘lily’ and she felt like her mom calling her. She slightly looked upwards to mam and said ‘yes’.

Mam start asking her about the things was happening to her. Then lily replied ‘in my home, there is not any understandings environment.

My mom and dad always fight over the silly reasons and after fighting there all anger will fallen on me.  I am the only child and they always fight with each other.

There is no one in my home who listen to me. all is just the anger and fight.’ With finishing her words lily started crying. Her mam knows all the condition of her.

And told her, ‘Who told you that you are alone. there is me, always stand for you in any situations. You came and tell me; I will solve your problems. And never feel you are alone, okay.’

 Those word was like a power shake for her. And she wipes her eyes and replayed ‘okay’. She felt really very supported by her mam. And the students in her class didn’t know about that.

They again come with the motive of irritating her. But she was not the old lily any more, she became a fighter. And give hard fight to them.

After that all the classmates of lily give her respect and behave properly with her.

So, friends that the effect of confidence developed in lily for make her fighter. Confidence is not the thing that will develop in you over the night. It takes time for developing. And after you know your strengths, no one can stop you.

Thank you.

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