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No task is impossible but it takes effort to make it possible with Willpower, Confidence. It is not easy to get any dream but someone has said “winner is a dreamer, who never gives up.”Dr.Abdul Kalam is a perfect example of this sentence.


There are many ups and downs in life. There are many challenges and difficulties in everyone’s life but only those who face them can make a name for themselves in the world.

There is a time in the life of each of us where we give up completely and now we have to assume that everything is over. Due to this, depression is a disease that is seen in everyone nowadays. But there was a moment when Kalam felt that it was all over.

When he went for an interview, he decided to give an interview in two places, one was the Indian Air Force(IAR) and the other was the DIDP. One day we would fly like this birds,kalam always used to think that in childhood and that dream would come true, that is, he wanted to be in the Indian Air Force,

but after the interview, there were only eight seats in the selection and when Kalam’s number went to a 9 place, he felt that it was all over.Something bigger than that was waiting for kalam ,so it was that they were selected in the DIDP and got the opportunity to created the fighter plane that he wanted to ride.

He gave us the most important rule for life that is :


for peaceful life,”depression in failure should never go to heart and ego in success should never go to brain.”




Kalam was known as the ‘Missile Man’ of India due to his continued, successful work with ballistic missiles and launch vehicle technology.Kalam also had a soft spot for students and children.

He inspired millions of young children, answering their questions and meeting with them during his tours across the country until the day of his sad demise. He believed that children are the future of any nation.

Kalam valued Dr. Vikram Sarabhai as his mentor. He turned to this other great scientist of Indian origin for advice and support.


His first experiment was met. No matter how hard he tried, he did not give up. The media and many claims about the project were made, but using the first project, he made the second successful project. He was not allowed to be upset.


Kalam is still the example of simple living, high thinking


He always look forward. He knows one I miss, another the greater than it, waiting for me.


He was the man with full courage. Time gave him many Herculean tasks. But the kalam proved himself in all the time.


Dr.A.P.J. Abdul kalam once and for all.


These are some experiences, which experienced by kalam. To know more and in detail about it you must read “wings of fire”


In marathi-” अग्निपंख”

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