European Super League controversy : All you need to know

European Super League controversy : All you need to know

European Super League controversy: All you need to know

This weekend UEFA gets shock-struck after 12 major clubs decided to launch their own football league namely the European Super League. This decision of these clubs has thrown European Football into turmoil. Let’s find out the whole scenario briefly.

liverpool with their title
Liverpool with their title

What is European Super League?

ESL is a new competition featuring Europe’s biggest clubs, commonly known as ‘super clubs’ due to their financial power.

Which teams are participating in it?

Till now there are a total of 12 teams: Real Madrid, Liverpool, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea,  Atletico Madrid, and Tottenham Hotspur. Three more clubs will join from France and Germany.

How does it affect UEFA Champions League?

If it happens then these 12 clubs will not participate in the Champions League and they will earn revenue from the European Super League themselves. In the absence of these super clubs Champions League might lose its prestige. The new league will be like the NBA where there is almost no interference of the sports authority in the event.

Why people are not happy with European Super League?

The biggest criticism is that it has deflected Football from ist one of the most basic ethos, which makes it a universally adopted game. It focuses more on the financial aspect of the sport.

According to the format of ESL, the 15 permanent members will never be removed from the main draw, instead, the clubs will be given direct entry to the league regardless of their past performance. This will narrow the chances of other minor clubs that are not so financially strong.


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