Fake Vaccination Centre Exposed In Assam, Probe

Fake Vaccination Centre Exposed In Assam, Probe

‘Fake’ Vaccination Centre Exposed In Assam, Probe Ordered

The Assam govt. has ordered an inquiry after a local news website exposed a “Fake” vaccination center being run by some health department staff.

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The vaccination center, which does not appear on the government’s list of authorized inoculation sites, was allegedly giving injections to people not registered on the Co-WIN website in the district headquarters of Cachar in the southern part of Assam.

In its investigative report, Silchar located news website Barak Bulletin claimed that vaccine jabs were being given in an illegal manner in exchange for large sums of money.

In its report visuals that Barak Bulletin shared with NDTV, the health department staff were seen admitting that they were vaccinating people not registered on the govt’s Co-WIN platform and not having scheduled a slot for taking the injection.

It is compulsory for recipients to register themselves on the Co-WIN portal and take their injections as per the schedule.

They claimed they were allowed to carry on with the vaccination in order to reduce wastage of doses due to nearing the expiration date. But they couldn’t produce a copy of any such document.

The report also claimed that new doses of the Covishield vaccine were opened to vaccinate people at the “Fake” center.

The Deputy Commissioner of Cachar district, Ms. Keerthi Jalli, has sought a detailed report from the district health officers, said government sources.

An estimated 80 people have been “illegally” injected at the center with no records maintained by the health workers, who are now under the radar after the news report exposed.


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