Legal notice draft sample format

Legal notice draft sample format

Please mention your issue like this and mention your problem ,your course fee and fake claim by institute .

you draft according your problems and need .we provide only sample how everyone can draft legal notice like that.




Principal/ Dean: ABC College

C-49, CDE Street, New Delhi-11XXXX





Dear Sir/Madam


I do under the authority and instructions of my client Ms. PQR, R/O  Address with pin code mention Mobile No.9XXXXXXXX5 serve upon you, the following notice: –

  1. That you the addressee runs a private educational institute under the name and style of ABC College based in New Delhi providing education in various streams including Engineering, Law, Science and Humanities.
  2. That you, the notice, claims to be the best in the city among all private colleges and provide the best quality of education along with opportunities to excel with your specialized training, co-curricular activities and internship programs in association with various well-known companies and institutions.
  3. That the Admission Brochure for Academic Year 2020-21 (the “brochure”) provided by you, which is available on your official website, is full with such claims.
  4. The brochure contains a list of faculties showcasing their impressive qualifications and the wide experience of teaching and mentoring students.
  5. The said brochure also claims that you house one of the largest library with more than ten-thousand books and laboratories with all modern equipment. The brochure also showcase well-furnished & modern class rooms, equipped gym, sportsground, etc.
  6. That my client, relying upon and impressed by the claims made in the brochure, decided to take admission in your college in the B. Tech Course in the present academic session after completing her Class XII.
  7. That, thus, on 22nd May, 2020, she finally upon fulfilling all the other formalities, took admission in the B.Tech Course and paid a fees of Rs. 2,45,000 (Rupees Two Lakh, Forty-Five Thousand only) for the purpose. The payment was made to your bank account from my clients through NEFT. The breakup of fees under different heads is as below:
Sl. No. Head of Fees Amount
1. Admission Fees 55,000
2. Semester Fees:
(a) Semester I 80,000
(b) Semester II 80,000
3. Library Fees 10,000
4. Laboratory Fees 10,000
  Total 2,45,000
(Rupees Two Lakh, Forty Five Thousand only)


  1. That due to ongoing pandemic academic session was delayed. From June to August, my client started taking online classes through zoom link provided to you. That, to her surprise during online classes, none of the faculties teaching her were same as shown in the brochure. The teacher who were taking online classes were relatively young and less experienced. The quality of their teaching also seemed to be below average. The concepts she was taught were not clear but ambiguous. Upon seeking clarification, no proper response was received.
  2. That when, she complained about teaching and asked about the teachers mentioned in the brochure, she was told by your college administration that due to pandemic most of the regular teachers are not available. And her problems would be resolved when regular classes would start.
  3. That the regular college could not start until last month. On 3rd Day of September, my client visited the college first time.
  4. That even upon start of regular classes same teacher appeared and the teaching standard was no different. My client tried to complaint again made a complaint, this time in writing. But no satisfactory reply was provided.
  5. That my client, when inquired from seniors about the teacher, then only she came to know that the teachers in the brochure are only for display and the ad-hoc teacher who are currently taking class take class throughout the year.
  6. Moreover, to her utter surprise and disappointment, the infrastructure too was underwhelming. The laboratories were neither property equipped, nor proper lab technicians were present to guide her and other students. The library was nothing like claimed in the brochure. The library was not even supplied with latest magazines and newspapers, let alone the ten-thousand books. Neither books of curriculum nor books on literature or other aspects were available.
  7. The sports-ground was comparatively smaller and mostly restricted, whereas no gym was to be found. The quality of food in the canteen was also not up to the satisfaction.
  8. That, my client then complaint to her parents about sub-standard quality of education and infrastructure. Upon which her parents meet and complaint to you personally about this.
  9. That dissatisfied by your response, finally, in view of the future and prospects of their child, decided to withdraw their child from your college.
  10. That on, 3rd October’2020, my client intimated her said decision to you through a letter.
  11. After that, they requested the administrator to refund the amount of ₹2,45,000 , but it was declined. The college in its reply stated that it was made clear to my client at the time of admission, as per the admission form duly signed by her, that the fee is non-refundable.
  12. That, thereupon, my client made several request for refund of fees, but to no avail.
  13. That it is brought in your notice that every parent has a right to strive for the better prospects for his/ her ward and when even after spending handsome amount, there is sound apprehension that the purpose couldn’t be achieved, then they have full right to take a prompt decision and act accordingly.
  14. That, when after getting admission in your college against the lucrative claims, and found that the standards as claimed didn’t match the ground reality, there is no fun to go further for an experiment to put the future of the child at stake.
  15. That the terms conveyed to my client at the time of admission regarding non-refundable nature of fees, is unfair, unilateral, and one sided and hence voidable in eyes of law of India.
  16. That non-refund of fee in the garb of unilateral, unfair and one sided conditions pertaining to refund is altogether an act of unfair trade practice and your college is liable to make the refund of the same.
  17. That your misrepresentation and unfair practice has led to irreparable loss to my client in terms of both money and more than this, her future and prospects. Your practices has led to wasting of her entire year, as she could not get admission in any other college this session.
  18. That, moreover, that you made misrepresentation in your brochure, relying upon which my client made contract with your college, which resulted in grave and irreparable loss to her. This makes her entitled to compensation as well.
  19. That your misrepresentation also amounts to cheating, an offence punishable under section 420 of Indian Penal Code.


NOW, in the premises, I am instructed to and l do hereby under the aforesaid authority and instructions, call upon you to refund the amount of Rs. 2,45,000 (Rupees Two Lakh, Forty-Five Thousand only) with an interest rate of 18% from the date of payment of fees by my client. Also, I call upon you to pay my client an amount of Rs.10,00,000 (Rupees Ten lakh Only) as compensation for her loss of a year and mental agony.  And also, a sum of Rs. 25,000 (Twenty-five thousand) incurred for making the following legal notice within a period of 15 days. Failing which I have clear instructions from my client to approach the appropriate court in accordance with law and institute against you proper proceeding for the recovery of the same, while reserving the right to institute criminal proceedings.


Kindly also note that nothing herein shall be construed to be in derogation to the rights that have already accrued to my clients and nothing contained herein shall be taken as an admission on the part of my client.


A copy of this notice is retained in my office for future reference.


          GIVEN under my hand on this 19nd day of October, 2020.






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