MOTIVATIONAL music for you

MOTIVATIONAL music for you

Hello friends. the one thing which is so close to heart is music.

we all love to listen music and it is so special feeling to us. And in this article, I am going to share my such special and best music playlist to you guys.

You know friends there are many types of music for example – happy, sad, party songs, workout music, and more like that. But you know how that bring the change in our work?

While listening music our mood changes that we do our work according to the lyrics of music or the sound effects use in that. Are we listen a happy song then it will show the impact on our work; we can make that work with the fast and happy speed? But instead of it if you listening a sad song, it will show impact on your work and as well as feelings. Words that use while writhing the lyrics are connected to specific situation. And maybe it touches to our heart.

I have heard one interesting story about this music effect on the animals. And obviously I am going to share it with you. There was random experiment done on the buffaloes .it actually perform as one of the buffalo was put in the room where music is playing and another one in the room which was ordinary. after 2-3 days, the person or the milk man got the difference in there milking capacity. One who was placed in the music surrounded room had the better quantity than the other who was placed in the ordinary room. After that experiment, it concludes that the music is the medium to handle the emotions and the mood of person or the animals.

On these bases of moods, I have created my own playlist which based on the certain songs that I enjoy to listen whenever I want.

So here is playlist of such 10 songs which feels you motivated

1)wish list-Deno James

This song always makes me refresh and feels me motivated to achieve my dreams. Make my parents feel proud of me. It is song that belongs to everyone life. The struggle we face while building our career, our arguments with parents and the sacrifice in our life. This all things are so relatable. that’s the one rezone I like this song so much.

2)Ker Har maidan fate

It is song which write for the Sanja movie. In these cinemas it used to motivate the child. And keep him confident to do it. The words use in these songs are really so powerful you can add this song to your playlist, which will be best while workout.

3)Ud-daa Punjab

Its so amazing song for cheer uo. It itself containing the hole power energy package. So, its music will help you for cheered up.

4) bhaag Milkha bhaag

This is song take from the movie which based on the true story of Milkha Singh. it is very energetic song. and refreshing us all the time we hearing.

And our last song is


This my favourite song from the movie name M.S.Dhoni . besabriyaan is the song dediacated to the person who no longer can wait for his dreams to come true. Its lyrics are so close to my heart. Which always make me part of this song.

So here guys you have see the 5 motivated songs who keep you motivated to achieve your dreams in anyhow conditions.

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