party songs for you

Party songs for you


We all are enjoy to attend party and celebrate no one because of this lockdown everybody is inside the home.   no one can go outside of house for celebrating their moments of life. So, let’s celebrate these happy moments with our family. Inside the home. With all the safety. with playing party song.

Here is list of exiting party songs. Which will gone make your party super-duper exiting.

Songs are the creation of artist and soul of listener. we all enjoying listening songs. but in my case I, I love the song which I have heard on the exact time of my mood. Many times, I don’t feel good, and I am sure many of us feel same during this lockdown period. But whenever I feel so, I go to terrace and play the music in my playlist. Which full of party songs, romantic songs, refreshing and silent songs. These are the best musically and lyrically also.

Abhi to party suru hui hai

This is so cool and energetic song to start party with full josh.

kala chashma

Kala chashma is so popular and most likely song by everyone. It will keep your josh on height.

Hawa hawa

Hawa hawa song is average music to carry on your mood. But its background music is powerful.  And most important to swing our buddies is music. so, it will be one the song of your party playlist.

Sweety tera drama

Aayushman Khurana is in this song.  he is very familiar to all of us because of his genuine acting skill. This music had also displayed in haldi song. Hence, we all swing on this song on both the family faction and also friend’s party.

London thumakada

Kangnas this song has a separate fan base. Mostly likely song in any family faction, gathering and friends meeting. It is also played in haldi function. And we all enjoy the party music and those song songs are play in party.

Tennu Suit suit Karda

Tennu suit suit karda ,no need to say how this song effect the energy of party. It boasts our energy. it’s like an energy booster in party.

Jinhe mera dil luteya

Among the Panjabi’s and not only among them these songs craze we always see. Some memes are also created over this song like “if you want to find any Indian among in foreigner’s, just say it loud ‘jinhe mera dil luteyaa’ Indian will automatically know by their replay ‘oho…….’”

Ole ole

‘Jabhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil divana bole……ole..ole..ole’ this is remix song and the party mood.

Dhating naach

Dhating nach made over mood to heigh and drive us creasy.

Theses are some songs which made over party from normal to extra ordinary. To make our party amazing, these songs must be added in your party playlist.

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