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Hey there, here we going to see some kind of discussion on the topic population. So first of all, we should know about it in full detail with their increasing causes, way to control it, safety precaution, adverse effect of it on the country and over all the topics.

So here we start.

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about the topic which is going to become crucial, that’s Population. So, we need to know about the definition off population first. Increasing the number off people day to day in our country and all over the world is known as a population. The number of people in our country and most of other one is raising day by day. Its heigh time to think over that. For controlling the population there are some ways which we going to discuss.

But before that we should know about the main causes of increasing population. in our country the illiteracy rate is quite high. Which causes lack of knowledge in people. That man folks don’t know about the family management. They just give rise to their children purposelessly, that’s leads to adding new members in family. if it is the problem of one or two families then we could understand but its not like that. It’s the problem of every second home in country, which causes increasing population.

Now we take a look at ways for controlling this problem. So, we people must be educamated at least to know the management in the home. Which we can provide them awareness in the form of education. Which will lads them to take proper decisions? We should make some dramas or ix the campaigns of students and elder to spread knowledge about it.

That’s the ways, we can control that problem but again it raises the question of many other things. Which are directly affecting on the country. That population is not only the problem. It arrives many other problems with itself. which is poverty, unemployment, malnutrition.

So, it can be the question arise by you that’s HOW?

So, it like that, if the population of country is increase then the number of propel increase. that when the number of people increases then eaters will also be increase. That will demand the more food for eating, more land for living, and Moe jobs for working. So, in that’s way the population hits us so head.

Now we know depth of this topic and the problem. And also, we should find some proper ways to

Manage it. Because this problem is not only the effecting any village or city, but the Wole country. Which directly effecting on the person each and every person living in this country.

Thank you.

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