Format of Legal Notice for Breach of Contract
How to draft a legal notice for breach of contract

Format of Legal Notice for Breach of Contract

Format of Legal Notice for Breach of Contract– LEGAL NOTICE Date- __/__/____ To, _________ __________ Subject- Breach of Contract Dear Sir, Under the instruction and on behalf of my client Ms. A, Resident House No. 3/96, Gomti Nagar, I do hereby serve you with the following notice:- That my Client Ms. A entered into an agreement with you dated ____ (hereinafter the Agreement) That in terms of the said agreement you are required to _______________, as per clause ___ of the contract. That it has come in Notice to my client that you have breached the contract in the following manner- _______________________ ___________________________ That the specific clause which are violated or breached significantly are “________________________________________” That you are further requested to refer to the attached documents proving the breach of the contract on your part. That on behalf of my Client I demand that you rectify the breach immediately and take the following steps on your part to make good the breach done by you- _______________________________ _______________________________ Within 15 days of the time period, you are required to take the above specific actions. That on failing to take the above-stated steps, I will take appropriate legal action against you seeking all remedial and punitive remedies that are available under the applicable laws. Name and Signature Advocate


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