5 best quotes of all time

5 best quotes of all time     This are some amazing quotes by the amazing author. This quotes are the inspiration for life. How our attitude for the failure, the change in life, becoming brave, and many more things we must learn from this 5 quotes.    ••••••••••••••   1. Problems are common but attitude makes the difference - APJ Abdul Kalam   It is an impression to which we can relate so deeply. There are difficulties in everyone's life, some have very massive trouble and some have small. But how one faces those make the difference. Situations are not great or slight but the attitude to looking at them is making a difference. Some aspects we think are the greatest headache. Hereafter it will finish; this attitude makes you positive and gives strength to face it. but some think that this problem is today and it will forever, it never ends and gives me trouble all the time; these negative thoughts give rise to negativity about the face problem and make you weak and intense. With-it any problem, the attitude to face them will make a variety.       •••••••••••••     2.. You must be the change you wish to see in the world - MK Gandhi Change is the role of life.  There is only one thing that will be constant in this universe which is change.  if you think this regulation is not right, whatever is going on is not correct, this lifestyle is not correct then the first step to change all it should be yours. The change you want to see in the world is turning on from you. you must change things that you think to change them and then you can change the world. As M. K. Gandhi didn't like British politics, they wanted to change it so he started a fight himself to give rise to a modification in India and in the end, it worked; the British left India. First, change yourself to see a change in the world  …


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