The longest border fence on Earth

The longest border fence on Earth

The longest border fence on Earth

Do you know? Which is the longest border fence on earth, you probably guessed it is in between India and Pakistan Or the USA and Mexico but wait! It is not true. The longest border fence on Earth doesn’t even separate two countries. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? It’s 5,600 KM in length this means if you draw a line from New Delhi to Zagreb ( capital of Croatia) the length of this line is equal to the length of this fence. Here is one more interesting thing that this fence was not build to stop any human invasion but this was built to keep out a specific thing – The Dingos! Yes, we are talking about the Great Australian Dingo fence.

The longest border fence on earth


The Dingo Fence


The 2,500 km (1,553 mi) segment of the border fence in Queensland is also known as the Great Barrier Fence or Wild Dog Barrier Fence. It is governed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Wild Dingo Border Fence staff contains a total of 23 people, including two-person teams that patrol a 300 km (186 mi) part of the fence once every week. 



The Queensland Border Fence expands for 394 km (245 mi) west along the border with New South Wales, into the Strzelecki Desert. The Dingo fence cuts to the point where the three states of Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet (Cameron Corner). At this point, it connects with the South Australian Border Fence, which goes for 257 km (160 mi) south along the border with New South Wales, these two sections are managed by the New South Wales Wild Dog Destruction Board. It then joins a segment known as the Dog Fence in South Australia, which is 2,225 km (1,383 mi) long.

Physical design


Most of it is made up of 180 cm (6 ft) high wire mesh but some sections in South Australia comprise multi-strand electric fences. Sheep and cattle farms in Australia protected by the Dingo fence are astonishingly large. While varying in size, some farms may be larger than small countries in the world. One farm alone in South Australia lost around 11,000 sheep in a year due to dingo attacks before the completion of the fence. As recently as 1991, one sheep farm lost 3000 sheep in a year.



Some Parts of the Dingo Fence are flashed at night by 86 mm (3.4 in) cold cathode fluorescent lamps which are red and white. They are boosted by long-life batteries. A minor and farm crossings, a series of gates allow vehicles to pass through the great Australian dingo fence.

Environmental impact

the longest border fence on earth


It appears to be that there are fewer kangaroos and emus on the northwestern side of the fence where the dingoes are, recommending that the dingoes’ quality diminishes the populaces of those animals. It has additionally been proposed that the bigger kangaroo populaces inside the fence have been brought about by the absence of dingo predation, and rivalry for food prompts lower sheep loading rates than would be conceivable without the fence.



Accepted to have been brought into Australia by Aboriginals somewhere in the range of 4,600 and 18,300 years prior, the dingo’s status as a local or presented animal group in Australia has been a contention. As per Dr. Mike Letnic, at the Center for Ecosystem Science, UNSW, the dingo, as Australia’s top hunter, has a significant job in keeping up the equilibrium of nature and that once again introduced or existing dingo populaces could build biodiversity across in excess of 2 million square kilometers of Australia (Avolia 2009). Where dingoes had been eradicated, Dr. Letnic discovered expanded bounties of presented red foxes and herbivores, while little local vertebrates and grasses were lost. In 2011 the Liberal MP for Stuart, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, required a $200 bounty on dingos.



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